Monday, February 27, 2012

“Life will ask you to pay for the fulfilment of your dreams, but offer you payment to drop them.”
I have diligently read dozens of success books, related with life’s successes, watched the biography of great men, pondered on the reason why so few live their dreams, stayed up all night countless times pondering if I could get a formula anyone, anywhere could use and succeed. I discovered that there is absolutely no Magic, Ultimate or Secret Formula to success; the principles are open but many can’t see them and many more think too little of themselves to do what success requires, even when they know what it would take to have a better life –as if it were meant for some other better persons than themselves. What makes millionaires, billionaires, great inventors, great leaders, international heroes, sport legends and all the outstanding people we could wish to be aren’t sophisticated, multifarious or anything out of the ordinary. I prayed and asked God what successful people know that others don’t know, after all even unbelievers succeed legitimately and I got this understanding –Successful people know how society (life) works, what it wants and they use this to get what they want. It’s like a sixth sense you must have for success in life. 
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