Understanding yourself can be fun

The person called YOU
For you to best understand this topic, I have come up with some illustrations I hope you will find educative and interesting. First let me introduce you to Mr. Heart and Mr. Head. I had trouble naming them and I wished I could give them more elaborate names, but I discovered that Heart and Head best fits the use into which I want to put them. I am sure you have heard the saying, “listen to your heart” before. This is the very heart I will be talking about and its rival; head. You may wonder what this has to do with you and your ambitions. It has all to do with it, because our outlooks are what determine how much we get from our environment and how we receive situations and opportunities, so it is important that we understand ourselves as much as possible.

Take a look at the two characters that are representing heart and head. From them you can tell a lot about their characteristics and their functions. The heart is strong and confident and there is a look of optimism in the heart. From its look you can see that the heart is full of expectation and hopes.
The head is not built for strength, but as you can see; it is a crafty, unpredictable and an unreliable character. You’ll also see that it looks like one that is more concerned on how to fill his belly. All these features tell us a lot about the different traits that make up our minds.
When you’re offended and you want to forgive you don’t look into your head for a place to forgive that person, you look into your heart. This is the manifestation of the strength that the heart has. Your head lacks the strength to forgive; it will only give you more reasons to do otherwise.
Your heart is emotional, compassionate and centre of your conscience. Some people would refer to it has you soul, spirit or good-mind. Call it whatever you want, so far you’re referring to that part of you that makes you selfless and responsible –then we are on the same page. We attempt to subdue our selfish desires with our hearts, we attempt to do divine and worthy things from our hearts. Head is referring to the human instincts. It is charged with the responsibility of making sure you survive by all means. It is self-centred, competitive, and opportunistic.
These two serve distinct functions and neither of them is complete without the other for you to be a complete human. Your head would make sure you’re a survivor while your heart would ensure you connect and are accountable for your actions.
People generally say, “Live by your heart.” Well, this sounds very saintly, but they are wrong, you cannot live by your heart alone there are times your head would save your life. Our hearts challenges us to do that which is only of the divine nature that is why we feel good and fulfilled whenever we follow our hearts. Your heart and head rarely agree and this is designed to give us a wide enough option to choose our actions from.
These two are at war with each other constantly and their prevalence is what makes your decisions. 

AUTHOR: Muyiwa samson

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